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Stefdonyx is having a points giveaway! There's 3 places: 1st gets 1500, 2nd gets 1000, and 3rd gets 500! There's a few rules for entry:

#Your deviantArt account must have been at least 3 months old
#You must be watching her page (new watchers are welcome :) )
#Favourite the journal
#You must post a journal linking/shouting out the giveaway
#Comment on her journal entry saying what your favourite colour is. This is proof of your entry, and she'll comment your number as a reply.

All winners will be chosen on Christmas day (25th) and announced on Boxing day (26th) every entry is as valid as each other.
Nice bit of Christmas fun, go and give it a try :D good luck :)

!!! 3000 point giveaway !!! [CLOSED]ayyyyy felt like doing a big holiday / end of the year giveaway so here we go ~!

1st place - 1500 points | 2nd place -  1000 points | 3rd place -  500 points
   Must be watching me (new watchers welcome!)    
   Post a journal/poll linking back to this giveaway    
    Favorite this journal   
Snowman by Gasara    Only accounts that have been active 3+ months may enter    Snowman by Gasara
Snowman by Gasara    Comment telling me your favorite color! (As proof you read the rules... and I'm curious c: )    
Since I've refreshed the account, I've been noticing a fair amount of people have been reacting to my artwork. Adding them to favourites, or collections. Mainly though, sending me llamas. Now admittedly I didn't know what they were to begin with, I thought it was a cool badge people sent you as a way of saying good job, and that was it. And of course that may be the case, but now I know theyre paid for (as far as I know) which really hit me. The thing is, a lot of what I put up to start off with was to get what I've done out there just to have a small library that people might like to view. But the reception was far more than I was expecting, especially after recieveing llamas from at least 19 people now, including mdbruin, a great fusion art channel I follow and have for a while via Facebook originally.

Please don't take this Journal Entry as a way of expressing concern. It's quite the opposite. I may not message your page directly saying thank you for the llama, but please know every single notification for a favourite, a collection, a llama, that I get, I always look at who gave me that. And if I like their art too, ill watch them, because their stuff might be cool and its a great way to say thanks. But I am so thankful for every little bit of feedback I get, even though you may not see it. This started out as a hobby and just an upload thing to add my own stuff to an evergrowing collection, and wasn't expecting such positive feedback. So I am so so thankful for all of you and your responses, even if I don't tell you directly. It honestly means the world to me, a teenager simply doing this originally because he thought fusions were cool and he wanted to fuse his favourites together. But thank you, all of you. Every little bit means the world and brightens my day!
So my gallery has been updated with all of the pokemon fusions I've made thus far. Expect a slower pace for these to arrive, but there will be more. In the meantime, feel free to check out what I've done and who I was inspired by to do them :) Also I will not be doing requests, commissions or suggestions. The reason being that there are artists out there that will do that for a small price. That is the best choice for you and the creator. They may need the small pay from that commission to help with their daily life. I do this as a hobby, and so I won't be taking away potential commissions from artists that may benefit from those requests. So keep an eye out, and don't be afraid to pay a small amount to see what you want. Who know's maybe you'll get a little extra? Just make sure to help out artists any way you can. The effort most artists put in on this website is insurmountable, and  deserves reward, congratulations, or at the very least, support from the fanbase. All that aside, stay tuned for more fusions :)
IM BACK!!! (after a stupidly long hiatus)

Here's the rundown of what happened. Basically, I had no idea what art I wanted to do, and forgot to do stuff, before not long forgetting to use the account. But now I have a direction I want to follow, a hobby I'm actually quite hooked on. Lately I've doing a lot of Pokémon sprite fusion which has been both cool and fun. It is definitely something i'm going to continue doing. What this means for the channel is that for the time being, it will be a library of my pokemon fusions. I will be getting rid of most of my original stuff, except for the mini sprites for pokemon, which I am working on updating, not only with stuff from Sun and Moon, but also all Mega Evolutions, Alolan Forms, shinies, and external changes (i.e. Smash colour switches). As for when I upload, that will still be random, if not more frequent. At least once a week :) I should be sticking to this now that I have direction, so do't go anywhere :D